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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Playing catch up!

Ok, so I haven't really been able to blog much recently so let's try to make up lost time....Two weekends ago John and I travelled to Alabama (I wanted to come see you Rach but John might have freaked if I added any additional stops to the already long ride). John drove the whole way because...as you all may already be well aware...I hate to drive.:) Anyway, I had a family reunion in Auburn, AL and each reunion has a theme. This year's theme was PIRATES. Unfortunately my camera died before I could actually take a picture of the pirate outfits. CRAP. I just lost my SD card for good probably. Well this is an interesting turn of the blog, my card flew out of my hands and into this part of the wall that my aunt had to cut out of her wall a while back to fix some wiring or something. I think I lost my stupid card forever! Well, I was going to share with you some pictures that I did have on my camera....um. So I guess I will post random old pictures instead.

By the way a few of our engagement pictures are posted on our photographers blog. Go to http://firstcomeslovephotographyblog.blogspot.com/2009/07/blame-it-on-alchol.html and you can see a bit of our photos. I will post more when they send me a low resolution CD of the pics. :)

Ok, about pirates and stuff...It was a lot of fun! We dressed up, we raced homemade pirate ships down a zipline, we played Polly Parrot, which was essentially Chubby Bunny. We did a scavenger hunt around my aunt and uncle's property that was done in pirate vernacular and had to use compasses to get to the clues that were in hidden treasure chests. The drive back from AL however was HORRENDOUS! We faced rain the WHOLE way back...rain so hard you couldn't see, probably hit rain that hard about 10 times the whole way back. Horrible! We finally had to stop about 7:00 in Cave City because we could see 0% of our surroundings. Awful! I'm just thankful that we weren't harmed since we passed SEVERAL very bad wrecks on the way back.

Ok, so last weekend ....wait I found my SD Card yay! Ok, so like I was saying last weekend we had yet another family reunion on my mother's side. I made Hashbrown Casserole (ol faithful) and my new invention....drumroll please...Banana Split Cupcakes. They were gooood. Chocolate cupcakes with strawberry icing and chocolate ganoche drizzle with a banana slice on top.

Here is a pic of John trying the first one, I made him eat the first one before we went. :)

After that we went to dinner with my great aunt for her birthday at Longhorn.
Steven wrestling Grammy in Longhorn
On Sunday Cindy Crawford and Shannon threw me one heck of a paintball/cookout party/shower. I loved it! It was so cute..they had green and yellow tableclothes with sunflowers in mason jars and Shan had made a pretty paintball cake. I don't have any pictures of paintball either, but you can see the pics on facebook. We each had nickname sashes and I had to wear a veil but John had to wear this funny tuxedo baseball cap. So much fun! Paintballs did not hurt that bad actually except for the one I got to the ribs which is still bruised and reddish...but that was because I got shot by a different gun than the rentals that we got from the owner of the paintball place..aka Paintball Dave... he was also our ref who wore a bright yellow facemask so we would know not to shoot him. I got hit in the um...pectoral region twice if you know what I mean and everytime I talked about it I got a nervous laugh from Paintball Dave...haha.

Ok now time for the few pictures I do have of these past wonderful weekends...

This is us in Auburn.
Steven being goofy, Dad and John
John and I out on the deck of my aunt & uncle's house in Auburn
Steven wrestling Grandma
Family Reunion 2009 in Auburn