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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hey we got iPhones and had a Luau

Ok, so I know that I've been neglecting the blog. Crazy life I guess even though I KNOW that you ALL have busy lives as well...oh well. :( Let's get over it and move on...so last weekend? No weekend before..I had a type of shower for John and I that was a bit out of the ordinary ...Dad's side of the family threw John and I a Luau. Essentially it was a lot of leighs and hawaiian shirts and grass skirts and corn hole. :) We had tropical drinks in cute cups that said...Aloha My names is ______ If you find this cup and it's empty fill it with _____. Well..I wrote Lacey and Liquid for my fill in the blanks and John wrote John Roberts on the other side of the daggone cup! Apparently he didnt think it was very cute and skipped the fun fill in the blanks but followed suit in writing the name on it...omg whatever he cracks me up. I need to write it complete sentences and quit using elipses incorrectly..............nah.

Okay lets look at some pictures:

John and I at the Luau

John's sweet face :)

Trial run on the wedding hair.

And here is the back.

John and I did get iPhones and we LOOOOOVE them. John loves his! ...that makes me really happy because he was so reluctant but he needed a new phone really bad and he wanted an iPod so i convinced him and now he uses it all the time! For more than just phone stuff of course..

Also...I thought it would be ok to put wedding hair pics up since he will NEVER read this blog...:)

I know this was a random blog ...but hey its a blog that has pictures!