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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pretty Good Week / Weekend

So my big news is that I just got a sewing and embroidery machine today and I'm soooo excited! I've already gotten it set up and broken it twice and finally came out with a result! ..So all in all I think it's a success!

First I think we need to start out with a few pictures of the dog to warm up to the big ending...pictures of my new piece of equipment that I don't really need....

Here we go...Admiral on the couch with John...he pretty much took my place on the daggone couch.

I used to think I hated this shirt and it had no purpose in the universe but I was wrong...put it on a helpless but big doggy...instantly funny.

Next, I got a haircut on Friday....much much needed...and this is my first attempt at doing a 'wavy hair' thing. ...you know the scrunchy hair look...

And Penutimately, we have the chinup bar that finally got installed. John got this for Christmas and he got it hung this Friday...we don't want to rush into an exercise program...

Lastly the main event...
My Sewing/Embroidery Machine!

Here is the quilt I've been working on for quite some time that will be done sometime in the undetermined future.

The first thing I've embroidered!

And ...another picture of the machine..why not?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

2009 in Review ...3rd times a charm

So let's continue on this ever-so-fascinating journey into the past as we review 2009 in the third chapter of what is apparently a three-blog saga....

Gearing up for wedding time...The weekend of the 11-13 Shannon and Cindy Crawford gave me the greatest Bachelorette Weekend ever! Too bad I was a little ill the whole weekend...Picture time.

Saturday we went to Louisville Stoneware and painted pottery ...so fun!

This is Saturday night going out on Fourth Street.

WE GOT MARRIED!!!! 09-19-09
So this is really a bridal photo and not wedding day...but the wedding pictures are soon to come! (Believe it or not I didn't take any pictures with my camera on my wedding day!) haha of course I didn't ..so I don't have any in electronic form...

We also went to Aruba! Photos to come...
It was SOOO pretty and wonderful in Aruba...it didn't hurt that it was all inclusive for food, drinks, and alcohol...Let's just say we were in a great mood the whole trip! We also discovered that we both hate to fly!

October: Pretty uneventful, There was Halloween were I didn't even dress up...long story..I wasn't happy.... But I did pass out candy to all the little ones and they were SO adorable. ..We had so many trick or treaters that we ran out of candy and had to give away tiny packs of Juicy Fruit. :) Better than pennies...right?

These are my Graveyard Cupcakes that I took to work.

November: My last day of work at the National Guard was in November...along with Thanksgiving..
Also New Moon came out in November... this is me as a Vampire before John took me to the movies.

December: The first day of December I started my new job with the State Gommint. I now work in the Bush Building downtown Frankfort which is right next to the Paul Sawyer Library...everyone is so incredibly nice there... I work officially at the Division of Engineering and Contract Administration and also for the Division of Facility Efficiency...but don't let that impress you too much..I'm the receptionist....but I can file and answer phones like the wind blows...:) And they are very appreciative that I can follow instructions..they act like I'm a GENIUS! They also think that I'm a psychologist because I have a Bachelor's of Science in Psy....oh well it's nice to be appreciated.

Me at my desk

Also in December we got our little sweet baby puppy....
He was born in October but we didn't get him until December. This was the first night we brought him home. Cindy Crawford went with me to pick him up at the airport. He really disappointed her by sleeping the entire trip back home.

John stayed home with him the first week and here is a picture of them playing.

All in all ....a pretty AWESOME year!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

2009 in Review...continues better late than never

...Ok so we left off with July so...

Family Reunion in Alabama

There were 3 people with the name John R. at the reunion...weird

We got iPhones...? maybe? I don't remember ...at this point it was a month before the wedding! This is a pic of John buying the phones....ok I'm sure we bought these way before August but I need a picture for August.

Once again ....I have to break here ...John is back with Subway and there is no waiting for me to finish the blog....do you see a pattern? John gets hungry = no time for blogging. :)