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Sunday, February 28, 2010

2009 in Review...Ultra Late and is Copying Shannon :)

Ok, so 2009 was a super eventful year and I won't remember it all but I can try ...let's start the review!

January: I remember storms and such but my aunt's house wasn't effected by it too much I just missed a little work because I was too big of a chicken to drive under a mile to get there...at the time I was working at the National Guard and living in River Bend, Frankfort. :) Yeah I wouldn't drive that distance haha. I bought my wedding dress this month! Let's see if I can find some Jan pics. Gotta love Windows and the sort by month picture organizer :)
Ok didn't take any pictures that month but I'm sure in your mind you can see my January.

February: John and I didn't plan out Valentine's too well and ended up kinda skipping it I think. Also this was John's birthday, big 23, and we didn't do too much for that either...trying to save for the wedding.

March: Eh I don't usually mess too much with March. I'm too worried about Spring to come to care about March. Steven turned 19.

April: Alex and Shannon both turned 23 and I remember I didn't make a cake for either one of them since I was too self absorbed apparently....I remember I didn't even wrap Alex's gift (purse and jewelry) and I stuck the card (unsigned) in the purse, went to quick lunch at Subway which I didn't pay for her lunch either...Keep in mind that I certainly meant to sign the card, wrap the present, and pay for her lunch but nothing really turned out that way...at least she got it and a good laugh later about my craziness... I think I do have pics of April though they will definitely be random!

Yep, very random..My nephew Christian turned 2.

June: I turned 23 and so did I think Jennie, Kate, Candra, and Rachel...don't be mad if I got it wrong. :)...and James right? Oh well...I got a car!

Crap I was so excited for June I skipped May: We took a trip to Gatlinburg with our friends Chris and Mallaurie Scott. This is our ugly face....

So I'm gonna take a break at mid-year and publish this since John just woke up and instantly wants to get dressed and go out for breakfast....so bye for now.

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  1. Glad you've started posting again! Let's hope it isn't months before you finish this, haha :)