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Saturday, March 6, 2010

2009 in Review...continues better late than never

...Ok so we left off with July so...

Family Reunion in Alabama

There were 3 people with the name John R. at the reunion...weird

We got iPhones...? maybe? I don't remember ...at this point it was a month before the wedding! This is a pic of John buying the phones....ok I'm sure we bought these way before August but I need a picture for August.

Once again ....I have to break here ...John is back with Subway and there is no waiting for me to finish the blog....do you see a pattern? John gets hungry = no time for blogging. :)

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  1. John has the same shirt on in both of those pictures! You either did those things on the same day, it's his favorite shirt, or you need to buy that boy some new clothes! It is cracking me up you can't even get through one post without having to stop! lol