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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pretty Good Week / Weekend

So my big news is that I just got a sewing and embroidery machine today and I'm soooo excited! I've already gotten it set up and broken it twice and finally came out with a result! ..So all in all I think it's a success!

First I think we need to start out with a few pictures of the dog to warm up to the big ending...pictures of my new piece of equipment that I don't really need....

Here we go...Admiral on the couch with John...he pretty much took my place on the daggone couch.

I used to think I hated this shirt and it had no purpose in the universe but I was wrong...put it on a helpless but big doggy...instantly funny.

Next, I got a haircut on Friday....much much needed...and this is my first attempt at doing a 'wavy hair' thing. ...you know the scrunchy hair look...

And Penutimately, we have the chinup bar that finally got installed. John got this for Christmas and he got it hung this Friday...we don't want to rush into an exercise program...

Lastly the main event...
My Sewing/Embroidery Machine!

Here is the quilt I've been working on for quite some time that will be done sometime in the undetermined future.

The first thing I've embroidered!

And ...another picture of the machine..why not?


  1. Oh my, that machine looks complicated!! I can see why you broke it a couple of times. The 'R' looks fab though! Good work! Oh, and your hair is too cute! It is reminding me (as if I could forget) that my scragly locks need a good cutting. :(

  2. How many times did my mom and I laugh out loud while reading this? Quite a few! Can't wait to see your projects with the sewing machine! And, cute hair!!

  3. I'm so jealous right now! I want one of those! The truth is I would probably not be very good at it and I would never have the time but hey, I still want one! I think everything in our house would have a C on it. haha. Your hair looks super cute! I need to get a hair cut...its been...4 months? ouch! Maybe I will call this week. :) Cant wait to see what all you make!

  4. I'd embroider my finger with that thing... not on purpose.