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Monday, May 17, 2010

Videos of the Dog

So...we lead a pretty quiet and very normal life. So, here are some videos of the dog. We think he is funny. Here you go!




Here is the quilt I made mom for Mother's Day


  1. Um, Lace, there are no videos on here! Pretty quilt!

  2. Ok I finally got it to work this way....

  3. The videos are too cute. We just got a puppy and she is fun to watch. I love the quilt! Was that hard to make? I want to make one but I'm afraid to start.

  4. It was a lot easier than I thought. It was really the biggest sewing project I've ever done....mainly since I've only sewn a few stitches before this. It was a little tedious but only took really a few days. The hardest part was starting it. It was a rag quilt though so no backing was needed. It turned out to be only the size of a throw...so next time I'll go bigger. The website that I used for a pattern was http://quilting.about.com/od/quiltpatternsprojects/ss/rag_quilt.htm if you are interested.