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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dancing in Frankfort

So every year for the past four or five years my friend (who has requested that in a blog she may be referred to as Cindy Crawford) and I have done the coordination of the Ms. Pre-Teen Franklin Co. Fair Pageant. Every year we seem to wait later and later to come up with the dance and closer and closer to time of the first practice to start practicing it. This year the theme is peace, love and hope or something like that and we have decided that we are dancing to "Crazy Dreams" by Carrie Underwood. Its a really cute song for preteens to dance to but after the 30th time in a row that we listen to it and try to come up with moves, it gets really old. I will be singing it in my sleep now. We decided this year that we would practice over at Lakeview in the Pavilion because that is where the girls will be performing it. I didn't realize how much traffic that Pavillion gets during a normal weekday! We had a couple that didn't seem to be marching to the same drummers as most on planet Earth joined us first in the Pavillion. I swear that the man yelled "Now that that that is what I am TALKING ABOUT!" But he was not referring to us. Then I think what I heard was him loudly recite the alphabet. They stayed almost the whole hour and a half we were there. There was a boy about 15 that came and layed on a picnic table near where we were dancing and a lady that came to change into running gear in the Pavillion bathroom. She stayed much longer than it normally takes to lace up some running shoes, but I bet we were entertaining playing the same song over and over and over and just staring at each other flailing every now and then trying to think of dance moves.

We got about half of the dance finished....practice is Monday. Did I mention that we like to wait to the last minute? Normally we work together, Cindy Crawford and I, but this year we don't so we can't set aside time at work to dedicate to dance making. Anyway, what else happened today. ....Still up in the air about where we are going for the Bachelorette Party Weekend. Maybe Indianapolis now or Columbus. I was told at work that Cincinnatti is not as happening as I imagined. Whatever. Peanut ran out of the house today while I was leaving to meet Cindy Crawford. I tricked him though. He is normally really hard to get back in the house. He is really fast and stubborn and evil, but he is a sucker for treats or a car ride. I chose faking out of a car ride this go around. Fell for it. He aggravates me sometimes. I yelled. He didn't seem to care. He got to pee on our mailbox which is apparently what he really wanted to do.

John is on this kick now where he really really likes this band called Avenged Sevenfold. He plays it all the time. I actually have become a fan myself....but he plays it so much that I call that band his peanut butter sandwhich. The reason is because when he was younger he would eat peanut butter sandwhiches like they were GOING OUT OF STYLE and now hates them. So I call the band his peanut butter sandwhich....the same day I started calling them that he turned to me after getting in the car and sang "Peanut Butter Sandwhich time, Peanut Butter Sandwhich time ....peanut butter sandwhich peanut butter sandwhich peanut butter sandwhich" all fast like the song ...peanut butter jelly time. ....anyway it CRACKED me up because he did it so well and fast and all of the sudden. ...oh I love him...crazy boy. If I get a chance I will attach some of the p.b.s. music to this blog.


  1. So glad you have a blog! I bet Cindy's real name is Alex! ;)

  2. I bet Cindy's real name is Alex too. haha. I love that you have a blog and I can keep up with you and all your wedding planning. :) If you facebook me your email address I will add you to my blog so you can read it!

  3. Cindy Crawford... that's ridiculous! haha I'm sad the turn your relationship with your doggies has taken. I know it's their fault, but it still makes me sad! I'd like to add that this week Laney has decided to pretend she is no longer house trained. So we have decided to pretend we never left her out of the crate when we are not there! She's bad. Would you keep her for me?? :)